Winch Truck Upgrade for Model 9,10 & 12



This product is an optional Upgrade for our Model 9: Bamboo 4×4Model 10: Bamboo 4×4 Hardtop or Model 12: Bamboo 4×4 Pickup.

Winch Truck will change your current Bamboo 4×4 to longer wheelbase Bambo 4×4 Winch Truck.

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  • Printing time
    9 days
  • Bed size
    18x18x18 cm
  • Parts
    183 pcs
  • Weight
    1,2 kg
  • Material
  • Glueing
    no glue

Winch Truck Upgrade for Model 9,10 & 12 Accessories

Winch Truck Upgrade

Convert your Model 9,10 & 12 to Model 13: Bamboo 4×4 Winch Truck

Easy access to the battery.
You can easily remove the Wooden FlatBed and put the battery into the Battery Bed. The battery position keeps a low center of gravity for optimal crawling abilities.

Functional Electric Winch

Winch is fully operational and for sure can salvage your car out of the trap!

Most advanced 3D Sets model yet

brings all the new technical features under the hood.

Very detailed

interior and exterior, including realistic dashboard and model of the engine parts.

Adjustable details

folding windscreen, openable hood, and all doors. And the hood of course!

Technical Specification

What you get:

  • 3d printing files: .stl and .gcode optimised for Prusa Mk2-3 printers, .stl for regular 3d printer with 18×18 cm bed size. File download about 353 MB.
  • step-by-step build guide, available here

What you will need:

How I get the purchased files?

  • after purchasing this digital product, you can download the printing files under “My account” (in “Downloads” section)


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