Model 1: Rancher 4×4

Rancher 4×4 – 3d printable set of parts for your 3d printer. Model is approx. 53 cm long (1:8 scale) and is prepared for your RC equipment.

Can be used both indoors/outdoors and have enough torque and power to drive in heavy terrain. Due slow speed, model is suitable for kids.

  • 14 days
  • 20x20x20
  • 152 pcs
  • 3 kg
  • PLA
  • PCblend/ASA
  • soldering
  • no glue
New version 20. 11. 2020

Model 1 version 1.3.2

  • Gearbox Housing update



Power to drive in heavy terrain

Easy update

You can update to other version Rancher

Easy repaired

You can print new parts and easy repaired.

Rancher review by RC Printer

  • Rancher review by RC Printer

  • Building timelapse

  • Winter with Rancher

  • 3D print your own

Product details

Easy to Assemble

To build the model you only need some basic tools such as a screwdriver, a sharp knife, soldering iron and most importantly – a good mood.

Cheap and fast repairs

Did you break something? Don’t worry, you’ll have a reprinted spare part in no time. Then loosen a few screws and replace the damaged parts. And – drive again immediately!

3d print maximum, buy minimum

“Don’t buy parts – just print them, nearly all!” You print most parts starting with bodywork, complete chassis and even cardan joints and gearbox. Buy just motor, radio control electronics, tires and shocks/springs – and you are ready for ride.

Step-by-step User Guide

Comprehensive Build Guide is available for free to anyone – lets go through before you buy the model. Build Guide include a complete bill of materials and links for online stores, when you can purchase non-printable parts.

“Build when you print” – you get not only the ready-made print plates but also the time-effective print sequence, so you can continue assembling while you printing and do not need to wait for the part you need.

Build Guide available here
List of non-printable parts is here

What 3d print data I will get?

You don’t get the usual clutter of .stl parts, we prepared:

  • gcodes compatible with Original Prusa MK3 printers
  • printing assemblies in .3mf files (can be opened in Prusa Slicer, Cura, Simplify 3D)
  • standalone parts in .stl files

 If you have Original Prusa MK3, you can print right from the gcodes, if you have another printer, just load .3mf files in slicing software and generate you own gcode. Or make put together parts you wish using common .stl files.

What you will need:

  • any 20 x 20 cm 3D printer, Prusa i3 recommended
  • 2,75 kg of filament needed for all parts, PLA or PET. Preferably 2 kg of black and 0,75 of any color (body of the car)
  • bring your own motor/speed controller, servo and battery
  • basic soldering equipment
  • screws and nuts
  • set of bearings
  • set of rubber tires and shocks

Technical Specification

Dimensions51.0 cm length, 24.5 cm width (including mirrors), 22.5 cm height
Filament weight2,75 kg of filament needed for all parts. Preferably 2 kg of black and 0,75 of any color (body of the car)
Model weight4 kg
File sizecca 500MB

Model 1: Rancher 4×4 – Changelog

New version 20. 11. 2020

Model 1 version 1.3.2

  • Gearbox Housing update
New version 14. 10. 2020

Model 1 version 1.3.1

  • error resolved in "Interior 1" (new seats) printing setups (.gcode, .3mf, printing plates in .stl format).
New version 29. 9. 2020

Model 1 version 1.3

  • new Axles with more durable differentials
  • optional wider track (files located in the Spare Parts folder)
  • new seats with realistic shape
  • new door interior panels with realistic shape
  • new electronics box, now easily accessible
  • added TrackBar to rear Axle, preventing wobble

4 reviews for Model 1: Rancher 4×4

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4 reviews for Model 1: Rancher 4×4

  1. Sean Becker (verified owner)

    At first the process of starting the build and finding all of the hardware and non-printed parts was quite daunting and almost deterring. I decided to give it a shot anyways, and I am glad I did. Printing was a great learning experience as I thought my printer was calibrated, but after trying to assemble the gear box and axles, I realized my printer was not quite calibrated properly. I ended up reprinting 84 hours worth of parts, which were still a tad tight, fit much better that time with still a little bit of sanding/filing. If it werent for the poor calibration of my printer, this build would have went flawlessly! The preassembled build plates are WELL WORTH the money spent for the files! My only complaint at this point with this build is that I wish they sold parts kits for the models to eliminate the need to shop around on Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, and all these different sites to find the stuff. There is a website out there (that I found AFTER buying all my hardware) that actually does assemble and sell kits with everything included to complete this build except tires and shocks. I highly recommend you google it and use them as it would easily save you 2 hours of shopping for all of the screws needed. Their price was also much cheaper than what I paid to source my screws and hardware at various sites. All in all, I am VERY happy with my build and it is quite impressive as far as the details go, but also its functionality.

  2. olivermalex (verified owner)

    After about 3 weeks of printing and building, my Rancher now drives flawlessly through the terrain.
    The design is impressive and executed with attention to detail, very stable and functional.
    The assembly instructions are among the best I’ve ever seen, assembly is quite easy and I had a lot of fun.
    I’m looking forward to building the other models and I’m curious to see what new projects -besides the buggy- the 3dsets team will surprise us with.

  3. David Stone (verified owner)

    Just finished this build recently. Never really had much experience with RC, but figured it out with some web searches. I used the print ready plates and printed on my Prusa MK3S. I wish there was more info on the connectors and electronics, and maybe offer the screw sets as an added purchase option as it took a while to order and took a very long time to get through Aliexpress. All other parts came fairly quickly. My 10 year old really enjoyed helping (I recommend a cordless screwdriver with long magnetic bits). And we had fun setting up obstacles and driving the Rancher through them. I really appreciate the details and functional doors, hood and trunk 😉

  4. Matthew Sauter (verified owner)

    – I HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE BUILD YET… But I love this project, I’m about halfway done with the printing and a a little behind in the build and so far this has been the most enjoyable project I have done with my printer (PRUSA mk3s) including the LACK enclosure and the orginal printer build… The prints are coming out beautifully (I am using Prusament not the recommended filament), I have had a few bed adhesion layers (my bed is old so this isn’t new for me… ) but overall this has been an enjoyable and almost frustration free build. I don’t own any RC vehicles but this looked too cool to not try… I’m glad I did…. Only recommendation would be for 3D sets to put together a part kit, I would have spent extra to buy the parts needed (non-printed that is) all at once from you to complete this build, but maybe that’s just because RC parts /components are all new to me….

    Anyway great design can’t wait to do the mini-land rover next.

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