Aftermovie & report from MeetUp Liberec (CZ) 2024

The atmosphere at this year’s 3D Sets MeetUp, held in Liberec on 8 June, was full of enthusiasm and creative discussions. The event attracted many families with children, and the biggest surprise was that the main “drivers” of the models were children – from pre-schoolers to older children. Regardless of age, the children took to the big cars with enthusiasm and joy.

The event was full of intense discussions and sharing of experiences. Visitors exchanged ideas, discussed printing techniques and model improvements. A children’s playground and refreshing lemonade on tap in the company’s orange colour added to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Among the attendees was a two-person delegation from Poland, adding an international dimension to the event. It is hoped that encouraging this participation will attract more people from abroad to the next reunion, as it was clear that they were welcome and well looked after.

Prusa Research’s top of the range printer – the XL model with the ability to print five colours at once – was in use throughout the event. We printed “Landy Superminis” – micro-models with spinning wheels, which we handed out to visitors. These key rings were very popular and we gave away dozens of them. The printer attracted a lot of interest as it is not often seen in action.

There were two off-road courses set up on site, which were quite ‘extreme‘, but visitors literally threw themselves into them without inhibition or fear, with smiles on their faces. Some literally drove their cars until they broke down, but looked forward to getting everything printed and fixed quickly. Off-road cars dominated, while road cars were fewer in number.

Visitors appreciated the quality of our products, which was evident from the many words of praise we heard. There was also a lot of interest in further events, especially from families with children. There were also suggestions for a children’s camp or adventure expeditions with a story, which is an inspiration for future events.

Overall, MeetUp 2024 was a huge success, full of enthusiasm, creativity and positive energy. We look forward to the next MeetUp and what the future holds! If anyone is interested in organising a 3D Sets Fan MeetUp in their country, please contact us and we will be happy to help and organise it together.

And if you are also a fan of 3D Sets and would like to organise a MeetUp with your friends in your country – contact us at and we will definitely find a way to support you.

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